Summer Wolf Howls

Both Algonquin Park staff and a number of outfitters hold regular wolf howl events during the summer season.. The Algonquin Park staff claim a 80% chance of getting a return response from local wolf packs. Wolf howls have been held in the Park since 1963. Participants first attend an outdoor theater session to educate the public on wolves and to prepare participants for the howl. Up to 600 cars will rendezvous along highway #60 under the marshaling and direction of up to 20 trained Park staff. Once the cars are shut off along the highway the crowd must be totally silent for some time and if your lucky nearby wolves will respond to the calls of Park staff. Hearing wolves respond in the dark of night is not an experience that you will soon forget. It is exciting ,primeval and will stand the hairs up on your neck while at the same time bestowing a sense of wonderment and respect for nature.

The many Algonquin Park wolf packs were originally thought to be Gray Wolves but genetic research has proven that these wolves are in fact a distinct species closely related to the endangered red wolf of the Eastern United States/New Mexico. Algonquin wolves roam approximately 150 sq. km. of territory and packs can range from three to a dozen or more wolves. During the howl wolf cubs typically respond first and the adults join in with a sound that personifies nature.

If you are interested in Wolf Howls call Algonquin Inn and we can provide further information and make your accommodation arrangements for you. Remember summer is extremely popular so book early.