April and May Is Birding Month!

Special Offer For Bird Watchers

Learn about 318 species of Ontario birds in fascinating detail. Descriptions of each bird, illustrations and range maps help you identify birds and understand their habits. A checklist helps you keep a list of your birding accomplishments. Technical review by Ross James, former Curator of Ornithology, Royal Ontario Museum.

Algonquin Park Bird Watching

Algonquin Park has some 262 species if birds that have been identified inside the Park border. The exceptional diversity for bird watching is due to three factors. Undisturbed wilderness, abundance of lakes & rivers and the meeting of the southern hardwood forests to the northern coniferous forests.

Many bird species are year round residents - like the Gray Jay, Boreal Chickadee and Spruce Grouse. Others are migrants - like the Indigo Bunting, Blue Heron, Brown Thrasher and Wood Thrush.

May is an exceptional time to observe migrating birds. While many species make Algonquin Park their destination of choice, there are many more that stop off at the Park as guests on their way further north.

Bird watchers who stay at Algonquin Inn resort during May will receive a complimentary copy of the Birds of Ontario field guide book. There is nothing like a day of bird watching and hiking about followed by a warm fireplace and a great dinner at Algonquin Inn resort.